USDA Revamp on Fats and Cholesterol

The government is starting to make a change in a better direction.  Though, it still isn’t fully accurate. Natural fats (like that from animal sources, avocados, olives, coconuts) saturated fats (extra source) – not trans fats/seed oils that must be chemically altered, natural cholesterol, and unrefined salt are good foods.

The body needs natural fats and cholesterol.  Fat is used for building hormones, and cholesterol is needed for cells to even function!

My ‘typical’ health markers are excellent since I changed my diet to high fat/low carb. This just shows the government should not be in charge of saying what someone should or shouldn’t eat (think of how bad the food pyramid was).

The food pyramid from 1992-2005 stated a person should have 6-11 services of carbs and only 2-3 servings of protein.


Health is very individual, but eating REAL food is always key, not food ‘products’.


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