Lies About Salt

Lies About SaltSalts, like natural fats, have gotten a bad reputation.  It’s blamed for things like high blood pressure.  While it may slightly elevate blood pressure momentarily, it is not the cause of chronic high blood pressure.

Salt has sodium, but sodium is not salt.  Think of it like geometry; a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn’t a square.

We need to look more in-depth with salt.  In the form of natural salt, an unrefined form, there are many trace minerals, different hues, as well as varied size grains, and no additives.

Table salt, including refined sea salt, does not contain trace minerals, is bleached white (clarifying that not all sea salt is bleached), uniformed size, and usually contains anti-caking agents like dextrose (a corn or wheat derived sugar).

Natural, unrefined salt can be taken to help your body detoxify.  It also can help your adrenals, if they’re fatigued, by keeping aldosterone in balance, in turn giving you more energy.  Salt also assists with digestion!

Salts (refined and unrefined) do up blood pressure temporarily, but as I said earlier, does not lead to chronic elevated blood pressure.  That’s what sugars do.

When I say sugars, I’m mean in the form of refined carbohydrates that break down into sugars (Not all forms of carbs turn into sugars.  There’s also fiber and starches from carbs.)  This is why the DASH ‘diet’ works temporarily for alievating high blood pressure.  It removes the processed carbohydrates.

It’s also been shown that decreasing salt intake raises blood glucose and insulin resistance.  This means that if you decrease your salt intake you can become diabetic.  Insulin resistance is when your body doesn’t work as efficiently as it should.  Why are people being told to eat less salt?  Is it so they can be treated later for other health issues, caused by the misguided information, which won’t resolve those issues either?

In conclusion, eat real foods, not processed food products.  This includes unrefined salts.

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